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Ashely Tisdale Does Maxim of the Day

Ashley Tisdale has finally done Maxim and not with her face in a paper bag as you’d expect. She’s fucking rockin’ out in a bikini, almost topless, saying Fuck you Springbreakers, my shitty movie that’s coming out is better than your shitty movie coming out, and I don’t look fat in a bikini, and despite my face being a little mangled, I don’t look like a chipmunk, and despite Maxim sucking and practically dying, landing all the d-listers, I’m still gonna bring it…..and as much as I make fun of her face, I think she’s lookin pretty ok….keep up the good half naked, second rate, work..

[pics removed by maxim]

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  • Peter F. Hobson

    yeah, and I’m ALMOST Brad Pitt.

  • Rosarch

    The reality is her shitty movie is going to make at least 10 times what that pile of shit Spring Breakers made. Looks like The Tiz gets the last laugh.

  • AntAttack

    She looks remarkably like Edward Norton in drag. Has anybody ever seen them together?

  • Unless she’s revealing
    Early Mornin’ Dew
    I ain’t buyin’