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Victoria’s Secret Ad By Michael Bay of the Day

Here’s an ad for Victoria’s Secret, that I am posting for free, because I am an idiot and would rather give people, especially billion dollar corporations free publicity, it’s all part of my strategy to stay broke and hurting forever. I mean who wants mansions, fast cars and babes hanging off them, it’s all about fat chicks and getting your power cut off, you know fuck fine dining, feed me ramen noodles that shit is 3 for 99 cents.

But I guess, in their own way, Victoria’s Secret is paying me in girls in bikinis next to expensive cars, you know cuz I love their half naked bitches, even when shot by Michael Bay in a multi million dollar ad, because last time I checked I can use videos of babes in bikinis to pay my fucking rent.

The video features the regular gang of rejects – Candice, Karlie Kloss, Lima, Chanel Iman and Behati…

Speaking of Behati, here are two pics of her in lingerie for the brand….

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  • karsten

    I don’t believe michael bay made this shit. not a single explosion to be seen.