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Rita Ora for Elle of the Day

Rita Ora is the Rihanna impersonator with big tits, who has recently started making a name for herself, because the Americans who co-signed on her shit, didn’t realize she was an Rihanna impersonator, and thought “Shit, we can make her the next Rihanna” and the good news about that is that for the most part, their marketing strategy involves showing off her tits, because so many girls can sing and be marketed, but only a few have big fucking titties. It’s what makes the real successes stand out from the rest.

But unfortunately, their original focus and marketing strategy got lost in the mix, and now they’ve taken her to the fashion world, where there’s no sign of tits, or nipples, making me wonder where it all went wrong, or maybe she’s made it now and doesn’t need to be interesting to those of us who don’t give a fuck about her music.

At least we have AN ARCHIVE OF THE BEST OF HER TITS OVER THE LAST YEAR SHE WAS TRYING TO MAKE IT …titties that were and that will never be the same again.

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