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The World’s Best Boobs According to NUTS of the Day

Nuts brings the hard hitting journalism with their World’s Best Boobs issue. The best boobs being based solely on girls who they have taken pics of, or who work for them, with a few other trash cans in the mix, in what I can assure you are not the World’s Best Boobs in any way, but instead a worthless list, used to sell copies, to their low grade readership of retard bros, who live their mindless blue collar lives, with their fat useless wives.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna post their list, because shit, any boob list, even if full of shit, skewed and a lie, still have boobs, and I’m a mindless blie collar with a fat wife, so it speaks to me.

I’m just aware of how ridiculous this feature is. It is on par with CNN’s coverage of any and all news events, you know thanks to being a tabloid owned by the government and all…

I mean any list that includes Aubrey O’Day and Kim Kardashian in it loses all credibility…

To See The Pics in Higher Resolution

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  • Andy

    The last page is missing!!! WTF!!!!