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Amanda Bynes Bra Picture of the Day

I have very little to say about Amanda Bynes. Other than I love her. Even when everyone else is saturating the topic, you know getting in the way of my love, by trying to understand this child star who went off the deep end, because that’s what the celeb media does, which is coincidentally exactly what she wanted.

It’s like she’s fit, she’s busty, she’s got long legs and the people don’t want anything to do with her, they don’t give her work and they don’t track her every move, which I’m sure to her made no sense, so with her team of hired people she decided to cause scandals, make them think you’re crazy and at least get them talking, knowing exactly what she’s doing, and really it’s been the best thing for her career.

People are bored, people like crazy.

This installment of bra flash, big titty selfie, in her scripted breakdown into crazy, is my kind of crazy. It is the gateway to more exhibitionism, which is really what the people want, and by people I mean me, because none of you fuckers matter, you’re just getting in the way of my connection with Amanda Bynes.

Amanda Bynes. She’s amazing.

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  • Bilk

    I need to spray semen all over those beautiful tits Amanda…..Please

  • Streber

    there’s no way that’s Amanda Bynes…unless she swallowed her head and changed her body…nice rack tho…