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Nina Agdal’s Hot Body/Retard Face for Aerie Lingerie of the Day

Nina Agdal is the spokesperson for some lingerie company, and these are the shitty ads,

I guess she looks better than she normally does, because when she’s not posing, and the photographer isn’t focusing on her amazing body, she generally looks like Corky, you know a little Downs Syndromed.

Not that I wouldn’t sleep with a girl with Downs Syndrome, I have no standards and depending on how retarded she is, I assume she’d be easy. You know with all their chronic masturbating….

You see cuz like the Black Eyed Peas, I’m okay with getting retards.

Not that Nina has Downs Syndrome, she just looks like she does, and not in these pics, so focus on what matters, her amazing body she’s milking to the top, even if I’d rather she be milking me.

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