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Paulina Gretzky Ass in a Bikini of the Day

I don’t do sports, but I would do their wives, daughters, and mistresses, because Athletes, unlike regular people, have all kinds of trashy pussy thrown their way, and sometimes they knock them up and marry them, and sometimes they make trashy pussy of their own, because athletes, for the most part, unless we’re talking about billionaire Hilary Duff’s husband, are ghetto poor people who end up making far too much money to know what to do with and to not spoil their kids and stripper looking wives with fake tits and whatever they want…

Working class values.

The other nice thing about athletes, their stripper wives and their tacky daughters, is that growing up the one important thing for the dad was fitness and a regimented diet, because that’s how daddy made his fake titty money, and with fitness and a good diet, comes a body raised by an athlete, coupled with a personality raised by a stripper looking mom, cuz daddy was always on the road, that focuses on the superficial, because mommy’s looks got Daddy’s money, this Paulina Gretzky the complete package, at least from behind.

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  • toby

    you do know that mike comrie (the duffster’s hubby) is heir to a multi-million dollar furniture empire, right ?

    he probably has more money coming to him than she does.

    just sayin’.

  • Rosarch

    You do know that when he said billionaire he meant Hillary Duff’s husband, not her?

  • CW

    Your post made absolute sense, actually.

  • spitfire

    the store is called the brick.