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Miley Cyrus Bra-Less and Amazing of the Day

I don’t know if I post these Miley Cyrus pics because I actually like Miley Cyrus and her tight little 20 year old body that looks like it is 14 even though it isn’t, thanks to her haircut and the hormones Disney put in the water on set of her show in efforts to keep her youthful in the event they ever had to keep the show going until she was 30…like they did with Ashley Tisdale!

Or if I post these pics of her tight little body, that never wears a bra, because people get so mad at me and call me gay….because all gay dudes are into girls with tight little bodies, with nice hip to waist ratio, and perky tits…

It amazes me that short hair makes dudes question their sexuality on a bitch, I figure we’d be past that by now…since it’s not the 1800s….but I guess I’m the one out of touch even though I’m totally touching myself to these pics…at least I would be if I wasn’t in a coffee shop surrounded by high school girls talking about prom.

I don’t need to go down like that…

To See the Rest of the Pics

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  • roscoe

    The one thing you’re right about is Miley being hot.

  • Mark

    Right about many things, miley being hot is one of them

  • Dave

    She’s a hot little piece of ass.