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Lauren Conrad’s Doing Marie Claire of the DAy

Lauren Conrad is not dead, despite what MTV wants you to think, you know with the whole cancelling the show she was the focal point of, that at the time was over-exposed and irritating, but now, a few years later feels like it never happened, unless of course you are Lauren Conrad, in which case it is all that you’ve ever done that matters.

Apparently, she has a fashion line and a series of books, but I’m more interested in her series of boobs, even when wondering why Marie Claire is doing this fashion spread on her, it just doesn’t make sense…like the dlisters die with the vehicles that made them dlisters. That’s what I say, but no one ever listens to me.

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  • Damn, I feel like I just got rick-rolled.

    Where’s the lesbian sex? I clicked this link expecting to see Lauren Conrad in a strap-on doing Marie Claire.

    And I know she would do it to if it meant she got another page or two in the magazine.