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Farrah Abraham Masturbates To Her Own Sex Tape and Got New Tits of the Day

I RAN THE EXCLUSIVE HARDCORE CLIP LAST MONTH AND I LOVED THE WAY SHE SQUIRTED , it was the highlight of the year for me. But in my defense, I have very little going on.

She was on the Howard Stern show, saying whatever gets her attention, because it’s all about selling the tapes people, you know you put yourself out there like that, you gotta make it count, otherwise you’re just a pornstar, and no one wants to be a pornstar, not even pornstars.

The hope is reality shows, public interest, Kanye West babies, etc.

The reality is more porn.

Either way, her narcissistic love for herself, took an interesting turn when she told the world she masturbates to her own porn.

HS: Do you masturbate to get through this?
FA: I masturbate to like…yeah…
HS: To what?
FA: I, like, watch my own video
HS: You do?
FA: Yeah
HS: You watch that sex video and masturbate?
FA: I do.
HS: Wow.

The interesting turn of events is that so do I, and so do most people I know who have clips of them fucking, because lets face it, sometimes your own sex, as bad as it is, is better than some ripped dude who looks like a male stripper fucking some implant bitch. You know cuz you can bring back emotions from that time and hate fuck yourself as you cry to all that went wrong.

All this to say, who doesn’t jerk off to their own porn. This isn’t shocking, it isn’t news, yet I’m posting it anyway. They have me trapped.

In other Farrah news you don’t care about…InTouch Weekly has done an exclusive expose on her much needed new implants because her tits that were the worst and now they are D cup but the pics are next level…..

Get the Sex Tape if You Care

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  • Phillip McCracken

    the more disturbing thing to me here is, in that clip she acts like she doesnt go around LOOKING for attention, the media and the public has thrust it upon her…. if she didnt want attention she wouldnt have done the things she has…. but anyone with half a brain could realize that, so that goes to show what her level of intelligence is

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