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Magdalena Frackowiak For Victoria’s Secret of the Day

Victoria’s Secret catalog pictures are the fucking worst. They fucking suck. They are boring as shit always the same, but they always win in a knife fight in my mind, because they feature hot half naked chicks, photoshopped or not, they are the girls all other girls aspire to be, and sure that may be putting the importance of a woman in her body, tits, and how she looks in a bikini, all thanks to aggressive marketing, but really, isn’t that all girls are good for anyway? At least ones who look like this Magdalena.

Don’t blame me, I’m not Victoria’s Secret pushing unattainable expectations on people, I’m just some dude with low standards who likes staring at girls who all girls should look like, but don’t because we didn’t kill off the uglies in the middle-ages when we had the chance. Or at least ship them off to some reclusive island to breed amongst themselves in their ugly person colony….oh right that’s how England came to be. It all makes sense now.

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