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DEVIL WOMAN of the Day

If you know the site, then you know I have an unhealthy obsession with PUGS. In fact, I think my pug is the only thing I’ve ever loved, and in my semi-retirement/unemployed lazy pig life, I’ve decided to move out to the country to have a pug farm where I house the fuckers, who rape my soul and fill it with love, every time I look at their stupid faces.

In loving my pug, I feel an obligation to protect him, to not let weirdos touch him, to not take him to doggy daycare facilities, to really just make sure he’s cool…

It’s also made me realize, all people with dogs, feel the same way about their dogs. They are family.

So when I saw this I freaked the fuck out. I wanted to rally the Internet troops to hunt this bitch down, and find a way to teach her a fucking lesson.

The name of the Daycare is FUR KIDS DAYCARE …She’s obviously been fired, but maybe someone out there knows her, so we can terrorize her.

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  • Chuck

    Her full name is Mariko dormer