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Sofia Vergara’s Ass for the Internet of the Day

Sofia Vergara, despite being 100 fucking years old, posted a picture of her booty from a pretty amazing angle that almost makes you forget that she’s 100 fucking years old, and that that ass has seen countless penises to get to the level of celebrity she is at, we’re talking 40 fucking years of dick sucking and fucking to lead to a couple of EMMY awards….so that now she an afford the luxury of slutting out without any obligations or motive for advancement, just in picture for some male attention, and for the simple
pleasure of having people stare at her ass like it still matters…for the fun of showing her ass…going back to the basics of whoring…

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  • cowbulls

    I don’t see a problem. I wish I had been one of the numerous guys that got to use her body however they wanted. That body was made for sex and plenty of it.