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Emily Ratajkowski for Galore Magazine by Andrew Kuykendall of the Day

Emily Ratajkowski or as I sometimes call her Emily Ratakowski…or as I like to call her Emily RATATATATATATATKOWSKI….but who I want to call “wife”…is a fucking substantially built woman, who when I look at, I wonder if she’s even human, almost too perfect to not be alien, or from a creepy model producing factory in Russia….Just watching her in action, in all she does, makes me want to continue my quest in seducing her badly through love songs, poetry and posts about her tits….One day, we will meet, and she won’t be able to resist the total disappointment that comes with me…and more importantly so is sex with me….let’s hope Emily experiences that first hand!!

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  • A piece of me dies every time I see her in clothes. Although she looks better in them than anyone else.

    I’m hopeful that she goes make to naked modeling, she owned that circuit.