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Shakira’s Breasts Aren’t Small and Humble in Elle of the Day

Shakira is in the recent issue of Elle and it’s not all that eventful, but maybe I am just bias and don’t really like celebrating new moms, under any circumstance, and if I feel the need to look at Shakira pictures, I’ll go back to her booty shaking tweak videos from before she was a pregnant cow….

The only reason I am bothering with these is because she’s showing off cleavage, an new addition to her body thanks to being a pregnant cow, all full of milk, and I guess she made the point of saying her breasts were small and humble, that you can’t confuse them for mountains in one of her hit songs, well that’s still true, but they are bigger than they used to be, and she seems pretty happy about that…

If you need more reason to hate Shakira, you can tune into the Voice, where she plays a latino version of Christina Aguilera, even though Aguilera pretends she’s latino, only Shakira, is a few bra sizes smaller than that cow…but equally annoying.

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