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More from the Miley Cyrus Photoshoot That Won’t Die of the Day

This Miley Cyrus photoshoot that first dropped A MONTH AGO …and that slowly had FOLLOW UP POSTS as they released pictures…including a FAKE TITTY FLASH ….just won’t die..

The photographer, or her handlers, just keep releasing pics from different angles of her, in a one-piece, showing off her fit little body, that turns me on, because it’s so small and tight, even if attached to a horrible girl with a very thick wallet, and I don’t mean her labia, I mean her bank account, one big enough to K-Fed and ignore all that is horrible about her…

I guess they realize perverts like me will just keep on posting them..especially when they feature ass cheek.

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  • tomas maximus

    There are two problems with this chick: 1) She is nowhere as hot as she thinks she is; 2) She seems to have an insatiable need to shove her cooty into our faces every single day. Hey Miley, ever heard of the word, “Overexposure?” I mean, even the Grand Canyon ain’t so grand if you see it every day for 1 year straight. Why not give it a rest for a while?

  • craig baxter

    shes got a grandma ass…
    and tbh shes pretty lanky and unattractive…