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Miley Cyrus Clever Nipple on Instagram of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 5.34.39 PM

Everyone who is anyone knows that Miley Cyrus is a young genius, who has a team of young geniuses, with a capacity to identify the morons of the world and exploit the fuck out of them, taking their money, filling their stadiums, like some kind of evangelical…in a faithless, religionless world of dumb, vapid assholes…

So part of her campaign, or fake persona is a weed smoking, nipple freeing, tumblr feminist…and she’s figured out the classic “nudity in reflection” that was huge on EBAY listings years ago…with a little “see my nipples, but not in a shameless way the evil hired censors will notice”…not like they’d delete Miley’s account, apps NEED celebs using them to be relevant…losing miley would be bad business, not that Zuckerberg cares…he’s already bigger than god…doing the whole exploit idiots by giving them basic digital social tools and a platform to do it.

What a scam…

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Miley Cyrus Still Exists of the Day

I just checked out Miley Cyrus on instagram to see if she still exists…

Apparently, she does…

It’s funny how we can be overexposed to some of these idiots, we get them shoved down our throat all fucking day – every fucking day… and then zero..or barely anything…except her getting her planets wrong.

I think it has something to do a PR team pushing her nonsense, or maybe how ADD we are and how much we don’t care about anything or anyone…for more than 10 seconds….

So Miley was everything – now she’s nothing – but a brat sitting on pile money…

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 2.33.32 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 2.34.41 PM

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Miley Cyrus “leaked” pictures of the Day


I doubt these are recent, but Miley Cyrus is lovely. She’s managed to take her Disney character and leverage it, almost perfectly into this polar opposite character who was always high, naked, advocating drugs, putting herself out there in a crazy TUMBLR kind of way and seeing a ton of fucking success with that hustle, because it shocked, was interesting, and not necessarily unusual in pop music, but unusual for Disney Child stars to just do it so seamlessly…

It was this “I don’t give a fuck”…social media driven…teen at the mall angst…with titties, bush, feminism, nipples, ridiculouslness everywhere…

She’s been on stage with strap on dicks, she’s had her pussy spread in fashion mags, all while being a bullshit, lie just being marketed well..

So these “leaked” pics are probably not leaked at all, they are strategically put out there for press now that she’s engaged and has gone back to her rich as fuck, cashed in, boring, wholesome life….and is just a reminder of how she faked this image and vibe and social media whore wildness so well…because she’s a fucking actor..this is what Disney trained her for…

Fun pics. Glad they happened.

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Miley Cyrus Skinny Ass Morning Twerk of the Day

Miley Cyrus skinny ass twerk for social media, is a lot of awkward, not so erotic, very “little boy” like which I guess is what people who go to Thailand for vacation like…

But she does it with such conviction, like she doen’t give a fuck about humilating herself because she’s such a coddled ego, that her face is straight, she’s not joking, this is like some crumping in the hood, but so vanilla..

She’s been rumored to have gone the “house wife route” with her fiance, but she just posted this and I believe she’s got a lot more vagina flashing left in her, both before and after her pregnancy, which is fun so that we can compare the before and after…

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Miley Cyrus Does the Jodie Sweetin of the DAy

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 9.43.53 AM

This is brilliant.

I am a Miley Cyrus flip flopper, because I know as a celebrity or popstar who was groomed/created by Disney, it’s hard to take her seriously as an “artist”…or really believe anything she does is authentic….

But it turns out that nothing on the internet, or really in pop culture is authentic, no one is actually tying to make a statement, generate any provoking thoughts, they just want to distract people, confuse people, and feed them shit that’s got zero fucking substance…including the girls on Tumblr that Miley is ripping off. Everyone just wants to get themselves famous…

That said she gets naked, I’ve seen her vagina as a Disney Star, and she keeps getting work and growing, so in a lot of ways she’s just the product of what we want to see, a puppet, the basis of Disney…

But this, along with her nude work, made me laugh….she posted a picture of here doing the Jodie Sweetin from Full House, who you may remember as a child star who developed a serious meth addiction and became a fucking wreck…

So this is not really controversial, but she’s trolling Stephanie Tranner and for some reason, a reason I call celebrities never make fun of each other, not that Stephanie Tanner is a celebrity, but other than seeing a celebrity naked, seeing a celebrity make fun of another celebrity, is about as good as those vapid assholes get…

Good times..let’s make fun of other child star and their crashing and burning because it’s LOLZ…

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Pregnant Miley Cyrus Shopping in Mesh of the Day


Apparently these Miley Cyrus mesh shit pictures are from the other day – when she was shopping at some vintage store – buying these outfits:

She’s the kind of puppet who has pretty much sold off her soul, dignity, integrity, privacy, existence, everything to the entertainment industry. She calls herself an “artist”, but really she’s just a commodity and in being that soulless thing, means showing the world her tits and pussy as part of her marketing, revenue generating, and not giving a fuck…

I call it cultivating the idea of “art” and “authenticity” based on the tumblr girls she follows, eventually faking it well enough for it to be real, for her to be more than just some Disney trained, daughter of a one-hit-wonder…and as long as the nudity happens…fuck it keep bringing it…

Speaking of fucking it, it looks like she may be pregnant, tits are bigger, belly is poppin’ and she’s rumored to have had a secret wedding…because when you have everything yet feel so empty, babies are the answer…

Here are tits…in anticipation for that mom body…she may be worth 200 million dollars, but she’s still hick trash…


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Some New Miley Cyrus Nude Outtakes of the Day


Miley Cyrus is a fascinating talent. She is so authentic in everything she does. She is a revolutionary…an artist…and future generations look onto her like we look at the great philosophers of the Roman Empire….because by that time, the damage she has done that may only cause a ripple in the metaphorical pond that is our society….will contribute to the fall of society…leaving us a ball of half retards flashing our tits after drinking too much cough syrup…after ripping off something they say on Tumblr..

According to my sources…Miley Cyrus is “a sexual being”…according to me, she’s just pandering to a PC gender-less pile of idiots…who turn to her as their leader in the LBGQT movement…and here she is crawling on all four for pop culture…like a fetish porn…but a pop star…so innovative…


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Miley Cyrus Engagement Ring of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 10.42.30 AM

Apparently Miley Cyrus is back with her “fiance” Liam Hemsworth.

In case you don’t remember, before she went off the fucking rails and became the Miley Cyrus people actually cared about, she was engaged to Liam Hemsworth….

You know the Queer or Bisexual, genderless, pussy pretty much spread in every photoshoot she did, in outrageous costumes, trying to be weird, but pretending it happened organically, while the analytical mind and pretty much everyone except some basic kids and old people knew she was ripping off some weird tumblr personalities, shamelessly, getting rich off the ideas of others, like she was Amy Schumer stealing jokes and getting famous for it, all to make her connect with the people who don’t see right through her bullshit…all while showing tits, making it worth looking…low hanging fruit..

Well, she’s just a Disney star, phoney bullshit…and I’m all for her showing us her tits…even when I know everything else about her is a fucking lie…including but not limited to this publicity stunt with her ex because these Hollywood types, even when they play the “I dont give a fuck”…actually care and crave being talked about…

Under all her costumes and silly is the exact same lame girl she was 4 years ago….which is why she’s gone back to this…after fucking a lot of people during their break…not the Hemsworth cares, he’s just in this for the press.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 10.36.02 AM

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 10.36.10 AM

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Miley Cyrus’s Christmas Dreams of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 12.40.19 PM

Miley Cyrus posted a couple holiday pics to her instagram, I guess she’s shooting a video, or maybe she’s just so tumblr artist weird that she does this shit in her house with her latch on friends because they are so weird and different all while being the fucking same…

I guess I don’t hate what Miley has contributed to the world, in her getting naked ways, but I do think it’d be a more interesting artist statement if her instagram Christmas themed pic were a little more about her shitting out candy canes and/or gingerbread close up pictures of her anus decorated as Santa’s village…

Ya know…

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 12.40.47 PM

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Pam Anderson and Miley Cyrus Save Whales in Vancouver Concert Together of the Day

It’s hard to get excited over anything that Pam Anderson is involved in, she’s old, she’s tired, her breasts are still stupid looking, and I was done jerking off to her in the late 90s….

Luckily she had Miley Cyrus to help carry her in hometown concert, these Canadians never fully capable of leaving their maple Syrup sucking ways..especially after being cured of Hepatitis..not that that is related, but it means she’s not dead yet and in not being dead…why not walk around Miley’s show in a one piece to discuss issues like saving the whales…a cause I support..becuase Marine Mammals are fucking amazing..even when Pam Anderson is not…

But I guess the point of her doing this was to draw attention to herself, she knows as well as us that hse’s old and not what she was, she has to look at all the wrinkles and new discoveries of aging everyday – before getting plastic surgery to try ot fix it…

And why not do it with Miley, a lost girl just trying to find her voice, her place and doing it in the silliest, sexualized, fun way….

Good times, but irrelevant times.

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Miley Cyrus Child Star for Plastik Magazine of the Day


Some magazine I’ve never heard of is featuring Miley Cyrus on their four cover, limited edition, magazine even though people don’t buy magazines anymore, and the pics are fun…but not as fun as Miley has been known to be in her career, breaking free from Disney, since in other shoots, I’ve seen her asshole…

I guess what I’m saying is that I endorse anything Miley does, even if her music is dumb and commercial and her intent is to make money and sell tickets to her circus…because she puts it out there and she does it in an interessting way and that to me goes a lot way, even when it’s absolute bullshit…right..

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Miley Cyrus Vagina Panties of the Day

As much as I find the Miley Cyrus tour and campaign sensationalized nonsense, you know a fight not worth fighting, maybe even an unauthentic tumblr rip off because she’s got no idea what’s actually going on in the world thanks to being coddled…

Part of me loves everything this girl is doing. I love the potty humor. The vagina and penis and sexuality protest. The digital print of a bald pussy in crotchless panties with a set of fake tits that almost look real…all to say “what’s the big fucking deal, we all fuck, that’s the reason we are here”…

I’ve been campaigning against sex in the media being censored or nudity being a good thing not a bad thing it’s nice to see the general public going that route…it’s the new…porn raised and open minded…dirty in bed…good times…

I don’t know if I would want my 10 year old daughter watching this, it is still vulgar and a weird artist statement that is better suited for lesbian coffee houses and not arenas, you know some vegan cupcake side while drinking kambucha and not so much a heaveily marketed disney show…with merch…all while Miley cashes the fuck in making a fool of herself…

But it’s happening, it’s different…it’s the now…

Smoking some weed…

From her instagram…

A bonus from Paper Magazine outtake…that is pretty fucking good..

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 3.37.33 PM


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Miley Cyrus Infantilism Fetish Music Video of the Day

Here’s Miley dressed like a baby in some spoken word video….for a song called BB Talk….

It’s got her brand of weird that isn’t that weird, but that is far more weird than Taylor Swift…

It’s her talking about how some dude she fucked talked to her in baby talk but she’s way cooler than that..and that she hates that shit…probably some bullshit TUMBLR feminism shit…because she doesn’t do cute…

This is hardly weird to anyone into infantilism, probably because they are sitting in a crib shitting themselves in their diapers in a nursery they set up in their house…waiting for their weird barren wife who never had kids to come tend to them…

But Miley dressed like a baby sucking her toe…works…for me..unfortunately, Miley Doesn’t because if she did, I’d be rich.

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Miley Cyrus is Amazing of the Day




Miley Cyrus is Amazing…..

I mean she’s no Taylor Swift…

That was a joke..

Taylor Swift is a contrived, not in a good way, conservative, not in a good way, pile of shit with shitty accessible music…trying to get her shitty music across to the world because it get paid…

While Miley actually tries to be provocative and controversial, even if contrived bullshit…there’s nipples and nipples feed babies..and give people like me something to jerk off to, even if nipples are mainstream, they are still nipples…you know…

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Miley Cyrus’ New Outfit of the Day

Miley Cyrus may be a little fake in what she does. It may be this try hard attention seeking hustle that is almost mocking the entertainment industry and every tumblr girl who smokes too much weed…it just doesn’t feel all that sincere but with every try hard, identity crisis, thanks to having no childhood and being surrounded by people who just suck up to her…they eventually try so hard…they get that authenticity…

I like her, I like what she’s doing, at least it’s racy, interesting, fun, and she doesn’t take herself too seriously…

Beyond that, at least she can sing and dance and perform like an actual talent…

I’d rather that than all these instagram models who think they are Miley Cyrus or more important than Miley Cyrus, despite being more of a talentless Kardashian…trying to get famous for the sake of being famous…

Miley’s tour is on, she’s being silly, I dig it…and I’m not just saying that because i’ve seen her pussy, even though I have seen her pussy, and so have you if you visit this site..I’m saying it because she’s good….. CLICK TO SEE HER MOST RECENT NUDES


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