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Miley Cyrus Fishnets of the Day

It’s not Fishnet Friday, but MILEY CYRUS doesn’t care, because MILEY is the master of her world, at least she probably believes that because the people who actually own her have coded her to believe that she’s the brains of the operation and not the mind controlled puppet doing what she’s supposed to be doing to influence and shape a whole bunch of people who are into everything Miley Cyrus because they are just as brainwashed as she is.

This is for some promo shit, her face looks a little too edited and thus terrifying and AI, but she’s flirty with the shirt strap hanging off her shoulder, all big mouthed and big eyed ready for you to jerk off to her.

I prefer her nude work that inspired a generation of women to get nude on the internet like a TUMBLR chick…..


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