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The Kate Upton Topless Pics of the Day

I am not convinced that these pictures of Kate Upton uncensored are actually Kate Upton’s tits, but rather some weird perverts low quality photoshop skills, because if it looks real it might as well be real…

I am pretty sure she had pasties on in the making of this photoshoot, and that they just want us to think that she was topless, you know since her tits are all that matter about her…as the rest of her body is a pile of sloppiness..

I am not convinced that these pics of Kate Upton uncensored are real, because I would expect her nipples to either aim for the ground a lot more aggressively, even 2 years ago when this was shot…or look more like a cow udder.

The good news is, I’ll post it anyway….

The fact that topless pics of her are so hard to come across, is just further proof that she’s not a real model. Real models have all been topless, and you can google them to see their nipples, but Kate Upton, she’s just more of a non nude BBW / BBQ fetish…horrible…

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  • FunKiller

    That poor horse.

  • Travis

    It had to be put down later that day.
    You can’t get much use out of a horse with a broken back…