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Crazy Parasail Accident in Florida of the Day

I never trust stupid beach activities usually run by retards, but I am not the norm. Most people blindly jump into things…like these teens who got detached from the boat and slammed into a building.

I was going to say if you’re in Florida, worst things could happen than your parasail detaches from the boat and slams you into a building, like the fact that you are in Florida …

I mean there’s a reason why the trailer park ceilings are too low to hang yourself …and more importantly why meth is so popular there.

But the story isn’t funny, the girls are teens from Indiana, they have critical injuries and they are fighting for their lives, all because a stupid activity that was meant to be fun.

Apparently, they need money for their Medical expenses, I don’t know if this is a legit page or not, so be careful whenever sending money on the internet…but if you want to help the girls out DONATE HERE

I am a modern day saint. I like using my internet powers for good not evil.

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