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Rihanna See Through Top of the Day

Rihanna is all about exposing herself, you know putting it all out there, because she knows she sold her soul to the public for a lot of fucking money, and it is her duty and responsibility to not give a fuck about what the media says, and let the world into her private life, one filled with not wearing a bra and not worrying if people see her topless, or naked, or smoking weed, or getting drunk, or twerking her big Caribbean booty…she’s an exhibitionist, she’s loves the attention, and she’s bigger than GOD….

I mean she’s from a small island, the fact that she’s Rihanna is an insane concept. If she wasn’t sold off to the mainstream media, she’d be like everyone she grew up with, be back home living off 10,000 dollars a year from cleaning hotel rooms for rich people…but now she is the rich people…making 100s of millions of dollars a year…and not even that talented…it’s fucking crazy…but not as crazy as how much I like her tits, even though they suck…I guess I’m just brainwashed like the rest of her fans…ready to throw money at her to dance on stage like a monkey…or like her ancestors probably did for the rich white people taking over their Island for the sugar. You know to get preferential treatment from the slaves who weren’t able to provide evening entertainment.

The whole thing is just Nuts, but I’m glad it is happening…

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  • biker mike

    she has become the “looking for mr goodbar” of our time