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Kristen Bell in a Lifeguard Bathing Suit of the Day

Looks like someone’s recovered from making a Dax baby, something I would normally assume you can’t recover from…you know like a stain on your life worse than AIDS…because he’s that fucking annoying and the fact that his genetics live on in another person all thanks to this cunt (literally), is the worst.

She can’t be celebrated, she must be shunned, even if she’s in a mom friendly bikini to hide her stretch marks and ravaged body, even if her vagina is taped the fuck up from all the abuse pushing a baby through it has done to her, even if this was shot before she was pregnant….because we all know what has become of her since….

She’s uneventful, and I am pretty sure this movie will be too, but she’s dressed like Pam Anderson, and lifeguards are all sluts with their half naked all summer, mouth to mouth, camel toe giving suits that ride their clots all day making them horny….makin’ it a little more tolerable…

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  • Technically she didn’t recover. I have it under authority that this pic was taken last year when they started filming, before she was pregnant.

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