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Rita Ora Topless for GQ of the Day

Rita Ora is the back-up Rihanna for when shit falls apart at the seams for current Rihanna. This business is about money making people, not about keeping artists sane and under control, if anything they want them to fall apart, it makes for good business, reunion tours, and greatest hits albums, while making room for new people to bring in the dollars….it is in their best interest for these people to self destruct, especially at Rihanna’s size, where she controls all her shit, cuz she feels she doesn’t need them and can negotiate with any label she wants cuz she’s Rihanna, which is a little too much power for any performer to have…so they send in management with cocaine, and bad boyfriends, and throw whatever they can at her to have it all crash and burn…to make the real fortune off these bitches in the first 1-3 albums…something I guess they are prepping for this Rita Ora chick…cuz she’s everywhere, even topless in GQ UK this August…makin’ moves, being prepped and I’m ready to stare at her tits, cuz they are big.

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