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Cop Peeing in Public of the Day

Hey, remember that time I was drunk and got a 300 dollar ticket for peeing in public and resisting arrest….it happened at least 3 times over the course of my drinking career, and I always would fight back saying how peeing a natural thing and sometimes you just can’t control when and where you do it, like EMILY RATATATATAJKOWSKI …it’s like dude I had to pee, there was no bathroom, I chose this tree…and boom, ticket…assholes..

But like all cops abusing their power, this guy took a pee in public, got busted by a camera, but unlike me and all the other drunk people, didn’t get in trouble of it…this is police corruption at its worst, not them being in the drug trade shit, but this peeing in public shit…the worst.

I hope they fire him.

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