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Nina Dobrev Kills it in a Bikini of the Day

Nina Dobrev is some asshole from TV, on some show about Vampires that I assume is horrible and she’s pulling random gymnastic stunts in a bikini, the kind that probably helped her get on TV in the first place, you know on the Executives face, while not wearing a bikini, because why else would she be on TV….

Any starlet, even the irrelevant ones….producing bikini pics for their fans that they can play off as just fun…makes it less slutty, but she knows dudes still jerk off to her upside down supporting herself with one arm while her uterus is all jacked up into her neck…but this way, the slutting is more subtle…

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  • Phillip McCracken

    Dollars to donuts that…

    1. her brother too this picture
    2. either jerked off to it afterwards or just tore her ass up afterwards

  • Mick

    I hear she is not into one night stands, well I will give her 25 hours.