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Rihanna Gets Down for Carnivale of the Day

Rihanna has gone back home to Barbados to participate in some Carnivale shit, in efforts to feel like she’s still connected to her roots, even though she’s all fucking Hollywood now…and so far from her roots that when she goes back home she stays at the baller hotel, where her high school friends clean up her shit stained white towels, as she tans on the beach…because Rihanna is bigger than fucking god…and really I wouldn’t be ghetto trash all down to earth if I was Rihanna too because I didn’t sell my fucking soul to the devil for nothing…I would have sold my soul so that I wouldn’t have to be a Bajan townie…

The nice thing about Carnivale is the nakedness, the hot dancing, the good times, the memories, and the Vagina definition in a weird one piece…because you know all the local shit talkers are groupie-ing up on her, if security lets them past, with shit like “Remember me Rihanna??! I love you”…because no one ever talks shit to people’s faces.

That said, Rihanna is pretty perfect. I am a fan.

To see the rest of the pics HERE

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