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The New Miley Eiza Gonzalez in Glamour of the Day

Remember Miley was engaged at 12 to some dude who was using her to increase his profile, cuz Hannah Montana fans are loyal as shit…and will buy anything Miley Touches, even used condoms she used with black dudes…provided she used condoms…which she doesn’t because no one ever does….

Well, his name was Liam something, he was from Australia, he cheated on Miley with January Jones, because that’s just how bad Miley is in bed, she’ll drive you to fuck some single mother pushing 50….and this is his new pussy.

Her name is Eiza González…I am going to assume she’s Hispanic, I am also going to assume she’s milking the celebrity cock as hard as she can so that he keeps on making her a household name…it helps her career…and here she is in Glamous…being as Glamourous as a sloppy second, bottom feeding, using Miley in the most convoluted way, mooch can be…

She’s boring….I like her INSTAGRAM better….

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  • anom

    This photo-shoot should go over really well with the North American Aboriginal people.