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Kate Upton’s Pregnancy Glow of the Day

I don’t know if Kate Upton is sweating like the pig that she is because she just walked up a flight of stares, or if her face is just shiny because she shoved it in a trough of french fries, I just know she looks disgusting, so disgusting that you’d expect her to not leave her house without a mask on, or maybe some cover-up make-up, cameras are high res and no one wants to see your fast food eating break-out, especially not when you’re an overpaid, overrated, fat model who doesn’t deserve the success she has…she is just a set of tits that went viral and that people attached themselves to to get hits…but this cow needs to be taken to pasture and forgotten…the milk’s gone sour…which is good because she’s probably pregnant and hormonal hence the reason she has a baby bump and bad skin….you heard it here first people…Drunkenstepfather.com News Maker….yo

If you’re more into her posing in a baseball uniform all thick legged and loose shirt cuz she’s got a shitty bloated water retaining from too much salt body…here is a photoshoot SI did with her….cuz SI loves this silly girl…she’s put them back on the map…

She looks awful….Anna Nicole Smith in training, only Anna Nicole Smith pulled off fat and busty a lot better…

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  • Safe to say she got rejected as the new face of Proactiv.

  • Marcos

    She’s 21 of course she has acne.

  • syvyn11

    I guess you like girls who look like prepubescent boys. I think Kate’s fine. I want my women to look like WOMEN!

  • Mike Hunt

    What, did she refuse to autograph your Amazing Spiderman underwear one day? Lay off, you whiny bitch.

  • sarah

    wow, you’re a total douchebag, who probably gets off more to your own hand than any actual physical contact with a real person.