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Kate Upton Has Sex with a Hot Pocket for Money or Hot Pockets of the Day

This hot pocket campaign with Snoop and Kate Upton would make sense if Kate Upton wasn’t an awkwardly shaped fat girl in training….a model who despite all her fame and success is plus sized…because seeing her have sex with her hot pocket…hits way too close to home…it reminds me of when she’s alone in her apartment and no one is watching all eating her feelings…and the worst thing in all this is that Upton actually begged for the gig and offered to do it for a lifetime supply of the pizza treat…no money…just cheesy meaty goodness…because you know this is how she actually gets off..right?


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  • cowbulls

    Now that JLH and JS have gone on to be Mom’s, Kate has the best tits available to motorboat. Natural breasts wins every time.

  • roscoe

    But Kate Upton’s had 3 kids too!

  • Rosarch

    What is this fuckery?

  • Ravynn

    I don’t know what your fucking problem is with Kate Upton, but I am launching a media campaign against this site because of it. I have always despised you – I learned of your disgusting presence on this planet on dlisted – but you are just a misogynistic dickhead who is worse than Perez or anyone could ever dream of and I wish all the bad Karma you deserve. Because it’s a LOT.

  • Jack Ketch

    Except that they’re fake. Do NOT look at her first Sports Illustrated cover and tell me those round rubber tits are real, lol.