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Jimmy Kimmel Takes Blind People Shooting of the Day

I haven’t figured out how I feel about Jimmy Kimmel…he’s a bit of a muppet idiot and I don’t generally find him funny, but his team has successfully penetrated the internet….and figured out how to use their big budget ABC PR people to make shit go viral…but he’s also successfully penetrated Sarah Silverman….

So part of me wants to hate him, part of me doesn’t care, part of me wonders why he exists, and part of me almost respects what he does…which doesn’t matter…

What matters is that people are criticizing him for taking blind people out shooting, but he’s just making a point that issuing giving gun licenses to blind people like they are in some states is insane…because it is insane…so as much as I don’t like endorsing anything…this video’s got my emoji thumbs up.

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  • Not funny

    I have never considered this guy funny, why do people think he is funny. You would have to be a mind numb dope to think what he says and does is comical. I have met more comical people in the store, mall, school etc.. then this guy., he must be laughing all the way to the bank on payday.