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Jojo in a Random Bikini Picture of the DAy

I like to think the week, or maybe even life, doesn’t actually begin until you see Jojo, some low level practically non existent singer, who was possibly a one hit wonder in the 90s, or early 2000s….wearing a bikini on a photoshoot like she still matters, or like she’s on some kind of comeback tour, now that she’s pushing 30, no longer jailbait, and possibly running out of money…in a “Let’s give this one more shot” hustle…and the amazing thing is that bikini pics is really all a girl needs to get ahead these days, which brings me hope, because needing actual talent to get noticed would throw everything off…and all these low levels you are into wouldn’t actually exist…and where would that leave us…today…no where good I tell ya….no where good.

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