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Isabeli Fontana in Some Lingerie Campaign of the Day

I like to think the most fascinating thing about Isabeli Fontana has nothing to do with the fact that she’s some OG model from Brazil who got half naked for Victoria’s Secret, a company that pretends they aren’t child pornographers, but rather lingerie vendors…a gig that got Victoria’s Secret in trouble, because casting tweens to model their shit should be against the rules, I mean it is for my neighbor who is all about that shit..so it should be for billion dollar companies too…

But rather that she was engaged to Bob Marley’s son…meaning she’s gone black like she was Miley…she also has a couple of babies…and for some reason all of her seems so intact…making her a magical specimen of half nakedness for some lingerie company….

If only all 30 year olds looked like this, instead of like the weirdo 30 year olds I saw in a diner talking about how shitty being 30 is, all fat and alone drinking and eating away their pain, those 30 year olds were the fucking worst…while Isabeli in all her ethnic sounding name elegance is a fucking babe.

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