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Hayden Panettiere’s Ridiculous Product Placement of the Day

I know celebrities from all levels, some personally, some who have told me to fuck off and some who aren’t actual celebrities but rather fame whores with a lot of followers on their social media…I’m talking actors, singers, pornstars, athletes and I’m not bragging, they are all horrible people…

I also know managers, agents, and publicists and PR people…again, not bragging they are horrible people…

Based on my experience, there is no way this Hayden Panettiere, little person to the stars, is just casually eating Burger King fries…holding the box like a spokesmodel at a tradeshow…like she’s getting paid, because she is getting paid, nothing like this is free…because if it was free, she wouldn’t be giving them free press, but rather she’d order in, cuz no one wants anyone to know they eat Burger King…even at 4 am when drunk…

I guess that makes her a little more of a whore than you probably originally thought, I mean what else will she do for money, she’s clearly shameless, let’s hope things that involved a sex tape…because I’d like to see that circus clown performance…more that I like watching her eat fries..

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  • Diamond Godde$$!!!

    There was a weird Hayden product placement vortex on tonight’s “Nashville”. Hayden reps Neutrogena and they had a huge poster of her character, Juliette, doing a Neutrogena ad! Brain blend. She does have nice skin, but resembles a tiny linebacker to me.

  • lawn

    What’s more, the logo’s clearly been ‘shopped to stand out more.