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Rihanna’s Instagram Bikini Photoshoot of the Day

The interesting thing about Rihanna is that she doesn’t need magazines to do photoshoots for her anymore…she’s bigger than the fucking magazines and press is just a waste of her time…she’s her own fucking empire and can just put the shit out on her instagram and make shit pop..

Rihanna is the biggest fucking thing out there now and here she is posting pics of some random shoot that I am going to assume is for her instagram exclusively, because why the fuck else would they upload dozens of pics to the shit…I mean I guess due to narcism but in her defence, she’s from the fucking caribbean and was a loser growing up, but not the entire world loves her and throws money at her, it’s kinda hard to stay grounded and not thing you’re some messenger sent from heaven to bless the world with your bikini pics, it just can’t be possible that she ever thinks she doesn’t deserve this, because if she did, her handlers would be failing the record label, bitch needs to think and believe that she is important and that what she does betters the fucking world..and I guess these pics probably don’t represent that…but they are still worth looking at…because you know if a girl you worked with uploaded a dozen bikini pics to her instagram you’d think “what the fuck is wrong with Jenny”…then you’d probably masturbate to them….and ask yourself “what the fuck is wrong with me”….

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  • cowbulls

    Quick, somebody see if Jimmy Hoffa fell in.