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Kate Upton Cleavage in Australia of the Day

Kate Upton squeezed her fat belly and awkward shaped ass into a red dress at the Melbourne cup that we can assume has four layers of SPANX under it…which is almost erotic for anyone not bringing her home at the end of the night to see her gut spill out all over the place..when the lights and cameras turn off….which is never erotic for a Bikini model who should be fit as fuck…to teach the people about health and fitness and celebrate a good healthy body to prevent people from eating chips….

The Melbourne cup, for those of you who don’t know, is the horse races, where we can safely assume Kate Upton was to meet her biological mother.

That joke never gets old…


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  • Travis

    It’s nice to see a plus-size model get so much attention in this skinny-obsessed world, I just wish her face was less meh.

    Also, she’s a whore for wearing red…

  • LL

    @Travis, she’s not fucking plus-sized. Just because she has huge tits doesn’t make her plus sized. This bitch just didn’t get good genes regarding her body and she isn’t making it look any better. She has undeveloped calves which make her look like she has chicken legs. Her torso is the strangest I’ve ever seen on a woman in my life, and it’s not helping that she’s become sloppy and chubby. Her arms are now fat. Bitch has 0% muscle. The only reason she’s making it because fat girls think it’s cool that a pudgy girl has made it and thus support her, and American males don’t know what a good body looks like because majority of American girls have shit bodies. Oh yeah, and she has a cute-ish face (at times) and a very annoyingly bubbly personality. Go Kate.

  • Rutan

    She looks like a fat fucking pancake

  • Glenn Gogo

    she shouldn’t be drinking alcohol she should be drinking slim fast

  • railey

    Dudes…the problem aint her lardness. some men like myself like a little cushion. it’s her proportions that are all wrong