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Taylor Swift Covers Eminem of the Day

Taylor Swift was on the radio yesterday or the day before…at least that’s what the internet is telling me…and she performed a weird acoustic version of some Eminem song that was horrible and that would have been better spent “boy-friending” dudes so that she can feel wholesome about fucking them…because no one likes a slut, especially when her market relies on her being a good role-model, when no human is a good role-model, since we are all fucking evil at our core…but if you wanna fuck all the dick coming your way…in a way that the public embraces…say they are your boyfriend…they won’t care that you take 30 dudes a year inside your vagina…they will just think you’re being a girl, looking for real love and always getting screwed, because that’s what you will program them to think with your sad songs…it’s a genius formula…for the marketable slut….

Here are pics of her at the VS fashion show performing…where Miranda Kerr didn’t fuck her after the show like she was Bieber…cuz Miranda Kerr’s ass is fired.

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