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Lady Gaga Walking the Streets in Lingerie of the Day

We get it Lady Gaga…your money and your music aren’t enough for you…producing quality product that people just respond to in a positive way because it is good doesn’t make sense to your bottom feeding…grew up ugly as fuck and no one cared about you so you worked so hard to “show them”…still a broken girl…sad on the inside when you realized after you made it and “showed them”…you still were an ugly hack….

So walk around in your underwear…people will notice…people will talk…or maybe they won’t fucking care…because it gets boring…so when you drop something of value…like a great song or video…no one will bother with it…and when you do a high concept Cirque Du Soliel Tour…no one will go…because you’re annoying…

But I’m into any girl, especially one with success and no soul, even when ugly, walking around in lingerie for attention…it is the kind of broken…I like…


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  • roscoe

    How soon until she just takes a crap in the street?

  • Hmmm

    It will probably be when she releases the deluxe edition of her latest album, it will be called: Popfart

  • Peirre

    Je pense que…You meant to say ‘PoopArt’.

  • Kermit permit

    Lady Gaga, for starters she’s picked a temporary name as her moniker. One, she is no Lady and two, she has no Gaga-ability. She’s an attention starved media slut with no talent except how to sing on auto-tune. Oh, and every time someone plays one of her songs there IS crap on the streets.