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Lindsay Lohan’s Topless Instagram of the Day

I am all about Lindsay Lohan…sure she doesn’t talk to me anymore…but for 6 months of my life she did…and those 6 months…I am making into a movie…called “My 6 Months Texting Lindsay Lohan Before Meeting in her Hotel and Never Talking Again”…6 months that made no sense because some of the most depraved shit I wrote on the site was about her…my angle was get a restraining order…I need the press…which never happened…

She’s just a fucking talent, even if she hasn’t had her academy award winning role yet, and even if she was just thrown into the business by a horrible stage mom who stole her childhood, I mean, she’s still Lindsay Fucking Lohan….and she’s hitting social media up again..like this was a few years ago…and she’s doing it in ways that remind me that she knows how to show the low level fame whores in their bikini pics…why she’s the fucking famous one and they are just instagram famous…I am all about this shit yo…toplessness all strategic…cuz unlike the rest of the world…I don’t forget the things I once loved….or at least pretended to love on the internet..

I am a fan…keep up the good work….she’s a babe.

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  • Isaac newton

    mmmm…she looks yummy

  • Dr. Mephisto

    Dear Drunken,
    While I find her face situation in this pic kinda fug, the saggy udder side boob part is making me feel all tingly down there–like when you had to climb the rope in gym class.
    Am I a sick, sick fucker, Mr. Stepfather?

  • SpookDF

    I don’t get the draw this woman has on some of us men nowadays…she looks like she’s 45 on a good day. She used to be attractive but this “new” look is a result of her completely allowing herself to deteriorate. Look up Monica Bellucci, Jennifer Connelly, Carrie-Anne Moss, Rachel Weisz, all women in that age range that look much healthier and overall better than this poor girl…I’d rather stare at a fully clothed Natalie Portman than sit through another nude scene from Ms. Lohan