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Sofia Vergara’s Women’s Health Shoot of the Day

Sofia Vergara has a great scam going on. She was a single mother from Colombia, who managed to work her way into a sitcom where she plays herself, which requires no talent, not that being on a sitcom really requires any talent, just look at Jennifer Aniston and all the other overpaid idiots from the history of sitcoms, but this Sofia chick has it pretty good, it’s like they wrote the part specifically for her, and that’s safe to say, happened because of either really good blowjobs, even though girls in Hollywood are already giving really good blowjobs, it is the land of eager as fuck….or some weird drug cartel affiliation muscling the right people to make shit happen…since LA is the land of cocaine too…

Either way, she’s 100, still looks good, and is in Women’s Health for you to masturbate to, because you are too lazy to masturbate to footage of her from when she wasn’t 100 years old

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  • Michael

    Fuck you and your autoplaying video