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It’s a 60’s Beach Party in Vogue Italia of the Day

Vogue Italia did this shoot with models Carola Remer, Alize Barange, & Natalia Rassadnikova…

The theme is a little Gidget meets Frankie Avalon meets Annette Funicello…you know those amazing beach party/surf movies from the 60s…that may not be erotic to watch today, unless you are into dead women pre-death in bikinis…but that I am sure were masturbated to by a lot of easier to impress teenage boys of the era…you know back in time before masturbation was accepted when it was far more guilt ridden and frowned upon..

It might not be all that erotic, but your life sucks, and this should bring some color into it, because it’s fun and your coffee soaked cubicle and fluorescent light life, may find it comes in handy in hating your fucking existence…which is why I do this…you know friendly reminder..

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