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Carola Remer for Agent Provocateur of the Day

Carola Remer is pretty old for a model, pushing in at 25 years old, which as anyone would know means it’s retirement time for a rich guy or to move into porn…

She’s German, which means that her relatives or ancestors were Nazis, and that doesn’t make her a Jewish killer, but I like to outline these important facts….when talking about Germans, the fact that she’s possibly genetically modified due to some hitler campaign to create a master race….and the only other things I know about Germans are they like beer…and Scat Fetish porn…oh and Volkswagens…

She’s in Agent Provocateur, very important lingerie for the sugar babies of the world who happen to be everywhere and who think that 1500 dollar lingerie sets make their pussies more valuable, expensive and worth of rich cock that pays their rent…

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It’s a 60’s Beach Party in Vogue Italia of the Day

Vogue Italia did this shoot with models Carola Remer, Alize Barange, & Natalia Rassadnikova…

The theme is a little Gidget meets Frankie Avalon meets Annette Funicello…you know those amazing beach party/surf movies from the 60s…that may not be erotic to watch today, unless you are into dead women pre-death in bikinis…but that I am sure were masturbated to by a lot of easier to impress teenage boys of the era…you know back in time before masturbation was accepted when it was far more guilt ridden and frowned upon..

It might not be all that erotic, but your life sucks, and this should bring some color into it, because it’s fun and your coffee soaked cubicle and fluorescent light life, may find it comes in handy in hating your fucking existence…which is why I do this…you know friendly reminder..

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Carola Remer in Barney’s Lingerie of the Day

Carola Remer went from doing a vintage lingerie shoot in some vintage ferrari like she was some kind of Magnum PI motherfucer…. HERE

To being the face and body of Barney’s Lingerie…It’s just that fucking simple aspiring models out there…you gotta get naked in a silly shoot and people will fucking notice…

I like to think I launched her career..by posting that shit back in 2011…you know like she hasn’t booked shit since then until today…when Barney’s paid her 20,000 dollars to be part of this…you know a dream come true, her getting naked for friends paid the fuck off…because she stuck to it…or something…

Who cares. Lingerie catalog pics fucking suck.

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Carola Remer in Lingerie and a Vintage Ferrari for Pop Magazine of the Day

Here’s a hot photoshoot of some model named Carola Remer, I know nothing about her, but I’m loving this vintage erotica feel all lingerie wearing in a photoshoot…posed with a vintage Ferrari…It’s a lot more interesting than the trashy bitches I’m used to even if she is a trashy bitch beneath the surface that is this photoshoot that is blinding my judgement…because sometimes it is good to take things at face value…

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