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Petra Nemcova Tsunami Survivor for GQ Portugal of the Day

There is a reason that Petra Nemcova survived the Tsunami and her husband or fiancé didn’t, and that reason wasn’t to help Southeast Asia with all her philanthropic work. You know like one of those people who give purpose and meaning to the traumatic event in their life.

She survived the Tsunami to be fit and posing in GQ Portugal with her amazing eastern European genetics, and by amazing eastern European genetics I mean her tits…This shoot is crazy…

It is the kind of shoot that makes me want to some how convince her to Tsunami all over my face with her vagina….only in this Tsunami, the only thing dying is every other woman in the world, figuratively, because that pussy may be a bad luck charm, but the rest of her is the kind of thing that looks addictive enough to want want to get pregnant.

She’s a survivor, who has been through a lot, but looks better than all you lazy American girls who have never seen tragedy, struggle or despair..and that’s why I like her better than you….what I don’t like is every single man who has had sex with her…because they aren’t me, and giving her unrealistic expectations for the sex intend to have with these pics…true story.

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