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Jessica Alba Hot and Photoshopped for GQ of the DAy

I don’t like JESSICA ALBA

I feel as though she is a lie…mocking all of us.

She wasn’t a good actress, yet she booked a ton of jobs and made a ton of money.

She wasn’t as hot as everyone was brain washed to think she was…yet everyone still thinks she’s hot as fuck…well into her 30s…with 2 kids.

She just knows how to fuck the system…now with being a iconic organic mom for other mom’s to look up to and buy products from…

When really we all know she’s just a trick…cashing in a laughing about how dumb the world is to buy into her shit…or maybe she’s delusional too.

She did this GQ shoot, in a one piece…the photographer did good but I hate all things alba.

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  • cowbulls

    Agreed. This mental midget is the most over rated woman in history. At least Aniston use to be cute.