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Alyssa Milano’s Breast Feeding Pic of the Day

For those of you who don’t know, I am a good friend of Alyssa Milano’s. Not because I used to jerk off to her on Who’s the Boss, the only role she’s done that has really mattered, but because I give her much needed advice when it comes to manscaping her hairy fucking arms…

I remember making fun of them, only because I was letting her know she should do something about them…only to end up waxing or getting laser on them, because in the last 3 years she hasn’t had hairy arms…proving yet again…cyberbullying works…sometimes it gets the job done, other times the weak kill themselves off with a flash card suicide, all the time it’s survival of the fittest..

That said, she posted a pic of her breast feeding, in some #freethenipple girls should be allowed to breast feed wherever they want because it is natural, and because this motherfucker likes seeing milk filled tits with parasites latched on – everywhere I go….

You know while she’s all high on endorphines from feeding her child…while, I’m all high off some random powder some homeless man made me snort….masturbating in my mind…It all works out in the end…

So thanks for the porn you old hairy critter…

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  • white

    Can I suck the other tit?

  • My dick was unmoved

    Alyssa Milanos: Getting DP & ATM by a couple of well-endowed black guys—————–sexy.
    Alyssa Milanos: A self-righteous middle aged ‘I am woman’ photo of her breast feeding———–NOT sexy.

  • cowbulls

    I protest the rash of big titted women dropping children before we the viewing audience have had sufficient time to ogle their breasts. In the cases of JLH, Jessica and Alyssa, not nearly enough men have mauled those fun bags.

  • syd low

    my god, this woman’s whole career has been based on the power of her breasts. from those tasteful BW, to the japanese stuff, to her movie career and paparazzi, its been about her fulfilling pedo fantasies with her A cups and then graduating to the big leagues thanks to some fine, fine surgical work.
    She’s not going to stop using them now for self promotion.
    I fear also that a Playboy photoshopped spread in 2017 isnt out of question.
    Its ok, we’ll always have Embrace of the Vampire.

    Her tits on Embrace are really more impressive than the iconic Phoebe Cates ones on Fast Times and really defined a whole generation or two of men.

  • Kyle fry

    Alyssa is a thing of beauty so is child birth how dare you criticize a gorgeous woman raising her child naturally by breastfeeding ….and to further your stupid opinion you talk about her arm hair? Wow your obviously a child or a fucking fag whom was given to loose access to the Web use your immoral opinion for someone who deserves it because she doesn’t