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Khloe Kardashian Has No Pants On for Cosmo of the DAy

Khloe Kardashian has taken Kim’s lead and found a scientist, doctor, or different beautifying techniques to take her not hot everything, in fact bitch was so fucking busted, she was a fucking ogre peopled called the shit-colored Shrek….in a fake it cuz you’ve made it kind of way….I call an optical illusion that took work, but that we know beneath the surface still lives a monster….and I guess Cosmo decided to do the big reveal…like that show Disney used to put out before the realized it was terrible called Extreme Makeover, where they would rebuild beast women and reveal them to their kids, to which their kids would cry no recognizing thing new version of their mother….

All this to say, this can’t be Khloe, but it is Khloe, thanks science and a family of vapid, vain, hairy monster cunts who have mastered the art of getting work done hard….like it was black cock…something they’ve also mastered.


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