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Elsa Hosk is Amazing by David Bellemere for Marie Claire Italy of the Day

Elsa Hosk is a Swedish model who is pretty fucking awesome…

She used to do a lot of NUDE MODELING …she’s even been nude in MAGAZINES ….I mean you can see everything I’ve ever posted and said about her HERE ….because I’ve been following her career for a long time, not because I want to, but because the voices in my head tell me to, just be happy this isn’t me actually following her home late at night, but rather just looking at pics her tall model ass has been in….because it’s less creepy, but then again, it’s still pretty fucking creepy…how is this my life?

That said, she is one of these naked for fashion fashion models who went A-List by booking Victoria’s Secret…and now she’s in Marie Claire Italy…shot by one of the best photographers out there – David Bellemere…and I think I’m in love…it’s like I finally understand what every love song ever written actually means.

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