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stepGIRL Billie Jane by Chris Vongsawat of the Day


#stepGIRLS is a revolutionary project that features amazing girls, mostly girls you’ve never heard of, because we are from Canada, and no one pays attention to canada…

Her name is BILLIE JANE and she’s naked next to expensive art…because at DrunkenStepfather.com we are all about the art…in fact I think the name DrunkenStepfather in and of itself is synonymous with classy, expensive, high end, luxury…

That said, these pics were taken by our friend… CHRIS VONGSAWAT and she’s naked in them…and that is all I really care about…because I like naked…as a naked woman is the real art..only unlike that Riopelle…it is priceless..you like that one don’t you…


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  • roscoe

    great ass!

  • Gold chain

    Straight dime!

  • Fuck You

    You a are a dammed motherfucker, ugly girl you are an asshole bitch suck my dick.

  • redrose

    Obv this guy takes dick for a living!

  • Simple 5

    Where can we see more of her?!

  • mary6555565669

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