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stepGIRLS vs Roll-Uh-Bowl of the Day


Our Friends at Roll-Uh-Bowl , who make a pretty genius and affordable portable waterbong gave us the opportunity, or rather the excuse to spend a night with our original stepGIRL…Macbud…who those of you who read the site will remember…because she’s been part of so much good that we’ve done….

We figured, it’s Christmas so why not have a Christmas part of our own, filled with nothing to do with Christmas, since Christmas is considered illegal in some states now, as it is non-inclusive..but it did involve a lot of product testing…and as you know…when you get a beautiful girl high in a hotel room for a photoshoot…things lead to pretty fucking naked…

So thank you Roll-Uh-Bowl for making our dreams come true..a real Christmas Miracle…for you and yours…

Merry Christmas to all…and by that I mean Happy Holidays…and by that I mean buy a fucking Roll-Uh-Bowl you cheap fuck…we’re offering a discount code when you buy.

Remember, they brought you the Macbud and her glorious breasts…nothing wrong with that.


Model: Macbud
Brought you by: Roll-Uh-Bowl


For the best gift for any smoker in your life.get Roll-Uh-Bowl the silicone, portable, industructable, waterpipe

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stepGIRLS X CamWithHer with Alexandra Steele of the Day


Our friend….honorary stepGIRLS…supporter…babe…model…and more importanlty…webcam model..which is the only kind of modeling I appreciate these days….Alexandra Steele is going to be taking over our snapchat “stepGIRLS” and “drunkstepfather” before her show on CamWithHer

Her name is Alexendra Steele, probably not her real name, but who needs real anything, when the girl involved is a serious fucking fantasy….girls just don’t look like this…sex dolls don’t even look like this…the girl you made in your basement out of random mannequin parts because it is the only thing that will have sex with you definitely doesn’t look like this…especially…when she’s putting on her show….

Here are some pics from her Instagram :

Now that you’ve got a taste of how amazing she is…check her out on our snapchats “stepGIRLS” and “DrunkStepfather”…..

But more importantly, if you’re more into watching her get naked, and putting on a show that probably involves naked and probably masturbating that is better than anything you’d get at any stripclub, or probably better than anything you’d ever get from any girl, especially any girl willing to get with your lame ass… CLICK HERE

I don’t know what all these instagram girls aren’t doing cam shows for cam sites…it just makes sense for the girls…and the guys watching…especailly with this free the nipple movement.but I have a feeling it’ll happen as exhibitionism officially takes over…but who needs other instagram girls…when we have ALexandra Steele…

Seriously…how often can you watch a girl I post masturbate…. CLICK HERE

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stepGIRLS VS Creepstreet of the Day


I am going to assume you don’t read this site….

I am going to assume that you’ve never heard of this site…and just kind of landed on here accidentally…

I am going to assume that you’re not even reading this…..

But I will tell you that we do this thing called @step_girls , which is pretty much a lot of amazing girls and photographers coming together, sometimes literally, to create some fun half naked photoshoots, because girls like getting glam-ed up, and we like documenting it….

Sometimes we go head to head…but don’t give each other head…because that would be too gay for our gay friendly but don’t want dicks in our mouth ways.. with pretty fucking cool brand @creepstreet which is less of a VS and more of a we’re all winners and doing this together….

The model’s name is @thejessieleee and you should fall in love with her.

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stepGIRLS and Art Provocative Collaboration of the Day


I give photographer ART PROVOCATIVE a lot of love…partially because he takes a lot of hot pics of girls..but mainly because I have an Australian chick fetish, because besides the trashy accent, they like to get wasted, fuck and are often times…really fucking hot bodied…leading me to one of their photographers…who is dialed in with both the sex workers and just the everyday babes…who I want to apply sunscreen to before they turn into the leathery faces Australia is known for…you know just me licking the hot wasted spawn of some outcast criminals who were shipped there when the country started….

Anyway…it was only natural for us to do a collaboration with @step_Girls because as a stepgirls get noticed…and stepfather, I am very proud of my step girls…

Here are the pics from the shoot…

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stepGIRL Billie Jane by Chris Vongsawat of the Day


#stepGIRLS is a revolutionary project that features amazing girls, mostly girls you’ve never heard of, because we are from Canada, and no one pays attention to canada…

Her name is BILLIE JANE and she’s naked next to expensive art…because at DrunkenStepfather.com we are all about the art…in fact I think the name DrunkenStepfather in and of itself is synonymous with classy, expensive, high end, luxury…

That said, these pics were taken by our friend… CHRIS VONGSAWAT and she’s naked in them…and that is all I really care about…because I like naked…as a naked woman is the real art..only unlike that Riopelle…it is priceless..you like that one don’t you…


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stepGIRL MIranda is Amazing of the Day


The only joy I really get these days is when I am involved in our own brand of photos and videos, because who really gives a fuck about talking about all these other motherfuckers, making fun of all these motherfuckers, laughing at all these motherfuckers for being so serious about their bullshit work, when we can do it ourselves, with more swag, like the joke that all of this internet, social media, photoshoots and videos really is…

I mean there are babes everywhere, and all I really want to do is rock out on the beach eating coconuts and homemade booze in a hut removed from all this noise…

But what isn’t a joke is how amazing @whosmirranda , the stepGIRL who takes over the stepGIRL snapchat best…by her photographer @ishootsociety

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Christmas for The Kind Pen of the Day

Here’s what I call a little Christmas miracle, starring one of our latest #stepGIRLS who got into the Christmas spirit, wearing her Christmas lingerie, in what looks like it could be a rape van, not because we endorse rape like the drunk topless dudes at the bar last night did, but because it’s how we travel in luxury here….

She’s rockin’ her christmas party of half naked goodness with her KIND PEN VAPE , which according to my friend who is all about weed is the best vape around because you can use weed, oils and fucking whatever else you crackheads are smoking in vapes these days….since I don’t smoke and know nothing about these things…

So if you’re looking for something to get your girl, or any girl high enough to fuck you…and as a Christmas gift to you – KIND PEN IS OFFERING 25% OFF FOR DRUNKENSTEPFATHER PEOPLE NOW

ANd if you want to look at some silly pics by us for us….here you go…

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DrunkenSweatshop on Some Czech Babe by Jako of the Day

We have a friend in the Czech Republic named JAKO …and what he has taught us from his photography is that there are a lot of pretty spectacular girls in the Czech Republic, who are willing to get naked and half naked for him, because I guess the amazing girls there, are into that shit, but my knowledge of the Czech Republic is limited to the porn industry, so maybe my perspective is a little off. But we still sent him DRUNKENSWEATSHOP Gear to put on some girls…and this is what he sent us…so exotic, my face has never looked that good on a chest, but would look better…in her panties…


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stepHOLIDAY for XXXopoly of the Day

We got our hands on an amazing couples game called XXXopoly and we did the only that made sense…we had our stepGIRLS…and play the game for us.

XXXopoly is a play on Monopoly, only far more sexual than buying Boardwalk or Park Place…this game is designed for two to play…and part of the game is instructions on moves that get hot and heavy…that this one with our stepGIRLS…

The game can be a lot of fun, whether with your lover, a prude wife you hate, or more importantly…girls you invite over who don’t have Valentine’s dates and are ready to throw down, but need to motivation or catalyst that is you…and XXXopoly is your harmless, fun, tool to get you there…awesome.


Come back tomorrow for the next pic and Erotic Chest in this series….

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Dirty Topless Dancer at the Folsom Street Fair of the Day

This dirty dancer is the next Patrick Swayze…

This was sent in to me by my very very very sexy hispanic friend who I want to fuck but she won’t let me…she won’t even send me nudes, or let me masturbate to her on facetime or skype….which is so strange because I ask her to see her spread ass pics on the regular…maybe she needs romance….

The kind of romance this big girl who is raging out with her gays is getting at the Folsom Street Fair this past weekend….an event filled with all kinds of gayness…and apparently some lesbian titties too…sure not the kind of lesbians I saw playin catch in the park at 10 am…all wholesome and lesbian…but the hardcore kind who probably rips off cock…unless she has one….it’s San Francisco people…anything can happen….

It may be shitty quality, but you get the point.

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