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Rumer Willis Booty Pop of the Day

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There have been constant debates as to whether Rumer Willis was actually human, or just a product of an STD Demi Moore had when she was first fucking bouncer turned action star Bruce Willis…it was like “no that’s gotta be a UTI”…9 months earlier…only to have this weird, fungal, even potato shaped object fall out during getting fucked while on drugs in some hollywood mansion…

But I think, Rumer Willis, is an actual human, and not just afterbirth stained on panties that grew into a human-like thing due to the right climate and moisture levels….I don’t think she’s an alien…but I do think she’s been clever enough to distract people from her Demi Moore before the Plastic Surgery face that wasn’t necessarily pretty but gave good enough head to lure in at least one dude interested in exploring Trans sex, so long as the trans had a pussy not a Bruce Jenner…it’s less gay that way…

And I’m not just saying that because her booty pop game is on point…


Maybe I am…but that booty pop game is on point…how can you not want to bury your face in it…like you were Ashton Kutcher before the dot com billions…just stepdadding the right way..right

It is the fake face, fake booty, fake lips, injections everywhere generation…and as someone who likes a big round ass as long as it isn’t on a Kardashian…this new Rumer Willis due to strategic engineering…is a better Rumer Willis..so girls, if you’re out there, ugly and hopeless, but rich…you’ll be ok…you will get through it…and plastic surgeons will be eager to take you on as a challenge…and succeed…because you can afford them….thanks to your trust fund..

Here’s a meme she posted taht I assume hits close to home

Just yes ????????????

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  • ???????

    She is actually hot now. I believe in the Disney kind of magic.