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Lily Donaldson for The Telegraph Bikini Shoot of the Day


Lily Donaldson is going through a mid life crisis…at least that is what I assume is going on with this 30 year old model who didn’t maximize her career when she was at her peak, she took it for granted, and I guess things are just slowing down for her and it’s time to call on her friends to get her press…

Because Lily Donaldson, a British model who was a Victoria’s Secret contract worker that they pushed under the rug and forgot about in 2012, as they do…because these girls are replaceable, especailly the uneventful ones….

Maybe she’s just looking for a rich husband, and the 2012 VS girl isn’t good enough for the billionaires, they want to marry something current..

Either way, she’s in a standardized bikini shoot, that bores me, but that is a half naked model for you…because I prefer girls naked, on my floor, doing iphone shoots….

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